New York City Ballet

NewYorkCity BalletNewYorkCityBallet2

This week in Graphic design we learnt about the popularity of the red, black and white colour combination in Graphic Design, and why it is so effective. Our task was to create posters for the New York City Ballet using these colours, photographs only, and no illustration.


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My Deftones gig poster using the Constructivism style

My Deftones gig poster using the Constructivism style

This week in Graphic Design class, we learnt about the art movement, Constructivism. Many people consider it to be directly linked to Russian propaganda posters, but this was not Alexander Rodchenko’s intention when he was first creating his artwork in this style. Using constructivism in propaganda posters was actually used after, mainly because the geometric shapes, use of red, white or cream, and black, suited the messages they wanted to send out so well.

Our task for the lesson was to create an event poster in the constructivism style, and use the same colours. This was mine, and I chose to do a gig poster for one of my favourite bands, Deftones. This is not a real date for a gig, I entirely made this up for my task, and I used Adobe Illustrator.



Queen Amidala

I was channel flicking and I saw The Phantom Menace was on, and although I’m not the most hardcore fan, I do really enjoy all the Star Wars films. I love Natalie Portman’s character Padme Amidala. The costumes are astounding, and I especially like this particular silhouette.