Car Wash Poster


This the poster I created yesterday for a car wash my Film Production class are holding in order to raise funds. We will print them as flyers (and be those annoying people) to put on cars, and also as posters to put around the campus. I chose greyscale as we will be printing these in large numbers, and being a student and all, it is a wiser choice considering printing costs.

The hands and the ‘Prime Quality Seal’ badge are from They are brilliant when in need of inspiration!

Bake Sale Poster

PrintThis is a poster for a bake sale that my film class will be holding. We have to raise as much funds to support the production of our short film. It will be going into pre-production very soon, as filming is set to take place mid February. I will keep you updated on how our progress goes!

We will also be holding a car wash, and I am hoping to create and sell christmas cards etc to also help raise money, so no doubt there will be posters for those being made very soon.

Summer Ball Poster design II


This is another poster design that I have been playing around with. Like the first it is entirely type focused, but for a poster that has to get so much information across I didn’t want it to look cluttered. That said, I will definitely be trying out some designs with more illustration/photography.

I’m hoping to create a catalogue of different posters for the same event in order to appeal to as many people as possible and to raise a lot of interest. Once 2014 comes around, when and if there is a theme established I will design more posters accordingly.

NOTE: This event has not yet been organised and the date, venue and social media are entirely for the purpose of this design.