Recent book purchases

After visiting Pick Me Up on Tuesday, I went to a bookstore called Magma near Leicester Square. It is a very small store, but the variety of books seem endless, from Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, photography, fashion, childrens books and magazines, there is something for any creative person. I picked up 05:Pastel in the Palette Collection by Viction:ary. Others in the collection are 01:Black and White, 02:MultiColour, 03:Gold and Silver and 04:Neon. I have found myself being quite obsessed with pastel colours at the moment (especially green and purple variations), and am thoroughly enjoying all the designs using these shades.



Not only is there great content, but the book itself is lovely. A grey textured dust cover and coloured page edges.



I also bought a book by Alannah Moore called ‘The Creative Person’s Website Builder’. It is useful read, as I am familiar with wordpress, but would like to extend that by making my account premium and making improving my blog. I am studying Interactive Media and can code HTML and CSS myself, which I think will be forever useful, and I wouldn’t want to rely on WordPress for everything. However a friend and I were recently talking about having a summer project of a book blog, and I’d like to reap the benefits that WordPress has to offer and have an awesome blog. What I have read so far is mostly what I already know, so hopefully as I read a bit more it will give me a bit more insight.


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