Pick Me Up 2014

After visiting Pick Me Up at London’s Somerset House for the last time on Saturday, I thought it appropriate to post about all the amazing illustrations and stands I saw there, and what I took part in. 

Skull Paradise

Skull Paradise


Puck Collective

Jessica Das


On tuesday 29th, I went to Pick Me Up with the other students on my course and my lecturers. The main feature of the day was ‘Grid Forms’ with illustrator and designer Melvin Galapon, and choreographers, Marquez & Zangs. It was an interactive game that required a team of five. Each person had to do a pose that a shape represented in the correct square that was marked out on the floor. As time went on the positions were shown faster and if the team was successful in executing what the screen showed, they would move onto the next level. It was a lot of fun, required teamwork, and was quite tiring towards the end!



Tim Mcdonagh of Handsome Frank


Isabel Greenberg (I love that her domain is isabelnecessary!)

On Tuesday 29th, there was an activity that people were taking part in about waste in the creative industry. The idea was to create a chain of works that each derived from each other. Essentially a visual, creative, Chinese Whispers (or the more PC term as the American’s know it, ‘Telephone’).


The previous drawing from the line I chose.


My terrible interpretation!

As usual, I had lots of fun at Pick Me Up and can’t wait to return next year. I’m even looking forward to my next visit to Somerset House as I love it there.

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