Trainspotting X Game of Thrones

After a lesson learning about how influential Stylorouge’s Trainspotting campaign is even eighteen years after it’s release. We were asked to recreate the same style for another franchise.

I chose these three women of Game of Thrones series because I think it is relevant that it has females that are as influential, and scheming and strong in the ways of war as men are only in a different manner. I used three characters as opposed to five because it was difficult finding good quality and usable stills from the televlision series.

In the single posters I made the image large enough to hide their eyes, because I felt that they gave the characters an anonymity, without objectifying them as they all have confident postures. Cersei has her hands on her hips, reflecting her stubbornness as she rules the Seven Kingdoms through her son. Margaery Tyrell has her hand on her necklace with a pendant of the Tyrell rose, showing her true loyalty for her House and how strong her family is. Daenerys is looking back over her shoulder because for many years she has been recruiting soldiers and winning the love of many nations from across The Narrow Sea and she is almost ready to reclaim her rightful Iron Throne.


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