Making Books

It’s coming to the end of the final year of the Foundation Degree course that I am on. The majority of projects have been handed in with the exception of Animation and Film Production which are due on the 2nd and 3rd of June. Today I submitted my Industrial Placement, and Graphic Design assignments.

Graphic Design is one of the subjects that I enjoy the most and am stronger at. This year both first and second semesters projects have been produced in a professionally printed book, which I found to be one of the more exciting parts! I love books anyway, but to see my own hard work presented well in a book, is one of the best, satisfying feelings. I used Blurb to print my books and they always do such a great job, that once I find a good subject matter and decent content I will definitely consider creating more books.

Here is second semester’s Graphic Design book. A post on first semesters book can be found here.








The brief was to create a marketing campaign for Waterstones. I chose to use the method of cut paper, with a post-modernist theory on making the audience guess the subject of each poster design. Encouraging them to guess what book each image and quote comes from.




Recent book purchases

After visiting Pick Me Up on Tuesday, I went to a bookstore called Magma near Leicester Square. It is a very small store, but the variety of books seem endless, from Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, photography, fashion, childrens books and magazines, there is something for any creative person. I picked up 05:Pastel in the Palette Collection by Viction:ary. Others in the collection are 01:Black and White, 02:MultiColour, 03:Gold and Silver and 04:Neon. I have found myself being quite obsessed with pastel colours at the moment (especially green and purple variations), and am thoroughly enjoying all the designs using these shades.



Not only is there great content, but the book itself is lovely. A grey textured dust cover and coloured page edges.



I also bought a book by Alannah Moore called ‘The Creative Person’s Website Builder’. It is useful read, as I am familiar with wordpress, but would like to extend that by making my account premium and making improving my blog. I am studying Interactive Media and can code HTML and CSS myself, which I think will be forever useful, and I wouldn’t want to rely on WordPress for everything. However a friend and I were recently talking about having a summer project of a book blog, and I’d like to reap the benefits that WordPress has to offer and have an awesome blog. What I have read so far is mostly what I already know, so hopefully as I read a bit more it will give me a bit more insight.


Pick Me Up 2014

After visiting Pick Me Up at London’s Somerset House for the last time on Saturday, I thought it appropriate to post about all the amazing illustrations and stands I saw there, and what I took part in. 

Skull Paradise

Skull Paradise


Puck Collective

Jessica Das


On tuesday 29th, I went to Pick Me Up with the other students on my course and my lecturers. The main feature of the day was ‘Grid Forms’ with illustrator and designer Melvin Galapon, and choreographers, Marquez & Zangs. It was an interactive game that required a team of five. Each person had to do a pose that a shape represented in the correct square that was marked out on the floor. As time went on the positions were shown faster and if the team was successful in executing what the screen showed, they would move onto the next level. It was a lot of fun, required teamwork, and was quite tiring towards the end!



Tim Mcdonagh of Handsome Frank


Isabel Greenberg (I love that her domain is isabelnecessary!)

On Tuesday 29th, there was an activity that people were taking part in about waste in the creative industry. The idea was to create a chain of works that each derived from each other. Essentially a visual, creative, Chinese Whispers (or the more PC term as the American’s know it, ‘Telephone’).


The previous drawing from the line I chose.


My terrible interpretation!

As usual, I had lots of fun at Pick Me Up and can’t wait to return next year. I’m even looking forward to my next visit to Somerset House as I love it there.

Trainspotting X Game of Thrones

After a lesson learning about how influential Stylorouge’s Trainspotting campaign is even eighteen years after it’s release. We were asked to recreate the same style for another franchise.

I chose these three women of Game of Thrones series because I think it is relevant that it has females that are as influential, and scheming and strong in the ways of war as men are only in a different manner. I used three characters as opposed to five because it was difficult finding good quality and usable stills from the televlision series.

In the single posters I made the image large enough to hide their eyes, because I felt that they gave the characters an anonymity, without objectifying them as they all have confident postures. Cersei has her hands on her hips, reflecting her stubbornness as she rules the Seven Kingdoms through her son. Margaery Tyrell has her hand on her necklace with a pendant of the Tyrell rose, showing her true loyalty for her House and how strong her family is. Daenerys is looking back over her shoulder because for many years she has been recruiting soldiers and winning the love of many nations from across The Narrow Sea and she is almost ready to reclaim her rightful Iron Throne.