Release The Kraken!

An old school friend and I were recently talking, and the idea of collaborating on a painting together came up. I haven’t painted in an awfully long time due to my focus on graphics, so the prospect of getting messy with some paint was too tempting!

I’ve had a recent fascisnation with Octopuses, so I really liked the idea of a Kraken attacking a ship. This is common imagery for the Kraken as it is part of it’s myth. We completed it over two days, but counted it as about eight to nine hours.

It was really fun getting back into painting, and a new experience being able to share the process with someone, and relying on their opinion when in doubt! We’ve already talked about ideas for another painting!

Here are some photos of the painting in progress.

20140203_145111 20140203_162036 20140203_173540 20140210_152850 20140210_202559

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