It’s been so hectic since September, what with second year getting underway and starting a new job, but whilst I’m here, I thought I’d post about my travels around California. Out of the cities I’ve visited in America, LA has got to be the most colourful, wackiest, and weirdest one yet! We travelled up the Pacific Coast Highway visiting San Diego, and San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe, had three days in Las Vegas, and saw the Grand Canyon. So this post is for the best photos taken. Enjoy!BattleshipIowa2Battleship Iowa-Long BeachBattleshipIowa4Battleship Iowa-Long Beach

DSCF9054Old Town San Diego (Being British, this town wasn’t very old to me hehe)

DSCF9129Giving me the evils for eyeing up his carrot-San Diego Zoo

DSCF9134Sleepy head-San Diego Zoo

DSCF9282Smoggy Los Angeles

DSCF9310For all you True Blood fans, it’s Merlot’s!- Warner Bros Studio Tour, Los Angeles.

DSCF9359Batman’s Tumbler!-Warner Bros Studio Tour, Los Angeles

DSCF9360And of course, the batpod.-Warner Bros Studio Tour, Los Angeles

SunsetBoulevardSunset Boulevard

DSCF9427Santa Barbara

DSCF9444Crazy fog wall along the PCA.

DSCF9548An old tram-San Francisco

DSCF9555They have actual instruction on how to ollie, and skateboard in there-San Francisco

DSCF9556China Town-San Francisco

DSCF9740No cars for miles, 49 degree celcius heat. They tell you to turn off the AC so the car doesn’t over heat-Death Valley

DSCF9928The Grand Canyon-Arizona

DSCF9919The Grand Canyon-Arizona

DSCF0018Caesars Palace-Las Vegas

DSCF0025The Casino at The Wynn-Las Vegas

DSCF9825Where we stayed, The Palazzo-Las Vegas

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